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Weathering the Storm: Essential Steps for Securing Your Home from Rain Damage

Prepare your home for above-average rain this winter

Heavy Rain Coastal Flood Damage Preparation

El Niño is expected to bring increased rainfall in some regions of the country, including the southeast. Even with a roof cover in good condition, a wetter than usual winter could expose weaknesses in your roofing system. In particular, flashing and sealant around roof vents, chimneys and pipes can get damaged or wear over time. To ensure you’re not caught unprepared this year, schedule a roof inspection by a certified FORTIFIED roofing contractor.

Based on decades of research, the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) developed FORTIFIED, the national standard for storm-resistant construction and re-roofing. One of the standard’s most critical requirements is a sealed roof deck, preventing water from leaking through gaps in the roof deck if the roof cover is damaged. IBHS research has found this single upgrade can reduce water intrusion by as much as 95% if roof cover and underlayment are lost. This could mean a swift recovery versus prolonged displacement from your home after the next storm.

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