FORTIFIED Gold™ was specifically designed to reinforce the areas of your home conventional construction may leave susceptible to damage from high winds and wind-driven rain..

Fortified Roof

FORTIFIED Gold includes all the requirements of FORTIFIED Roof – including enhanced nailing, a sealed roof deck and locked down edges – to give your home its best chance of weathering a storm.

Braced For A Storm

FORTIFIED Gold also includes all the next-level protection provided by FORTIFIED Silver. Things like stronger garage doors, anchored carports and porches, and reinforced chimneys and gable-ends will help keep your home intact during severe weather events.

Strength By Design

FORTIFIED Gold requires an engineered continuous load path, which is a specific plan that specifies how your roof should be fixed to your walls, and how the walls should be anchored to the foundation.

Protect what’s Priceless

Insurance may help put the structure back together, but there is so much more that makes a house a home and a family part of a community.

Retrofitting your home to FORTIFIED standards not only reduces your insurance costs, it reduces potential out-of-pocket costs associated with your windstorm deductible.

IBHS Gold and Silver Fortified with Danny Lipford
Play Video about IBHS Gold and Silver Fortified with Danny Lipford
FORTIFIED Home™ Evaluation

Whether you are building a new home, buying an existing home a FORTIFIED Home Roof, Silver, or Gold designation could save you thousands or tens of thousands during the time you own your home. Is your home a FORTIFIED Home?

Fortified Roof

Minimizes the risk of water getting into the home and of the roof detaching from the walls.

Roof Inspections

A roof Condition Inspection may be required by your insurance company to document the age, condition, and useful remaining life. Learn more about roof systems.

Fortified Silver

Minimizes the risk of wind entering the home and causing a roof failure. Also effective at reducing the risk of wter getting into the home.

Wind Mitigation Discounts

During a Wind Mitigation Inspection, a certified inspector looks for key features and add-ons that reduce the amount of damage your home may suffer in the event of a hurricane or strong windstorm.

Fortified Gold

Ties all of the elements of the home together and to the ground. The most effective way to minimize the risks from high winds.

FORTIFIED is the National Standard of Resilient Construction

Recognized by the Small Business Administration, FEMA, and six different states as an effective way to protect homes from storm damage.

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